Grade 8

Exploring Integration and Interconnectivity

 Developmental Picture of the Student

Eighth grade students have reached the culmination of the middle school experience. Their sharpened observational skills and growing critical faculties open possibilities for new ideas and perceptive questioning. With growing independence and reasoning they strive to balance a tender emotional inner life. The eighth grader develops a sense for their emerging individuality in a world where the human experience is increasingly interconnected.

How the Curriculum Meets the 8th Grader

By comparing and contrasting biographies of key historical figures, the students realize the powerful difference one individual can make. Beginning with the American Revolution, they study major political, cultural and social events that have shaped the modern world. Eighth grade history provides the students with an understanding of the past, an appreciation of the present and an enthusiasm for the future.

Through scientific observation adolescents are pulled out of their subjective emotional experiences and into the world of pure sense perception. In chemistry students analyze the parallels between the uses of organic materials in the human body and in industrial and commercial production. Building on the history of the Industrial Revolution, the class studies the physics of hydraulics, aeromechanics and the practical applications of electromagnetism in motors.

The study of world geography meets the adolescent’s growing interest in environments, regions and cultures different from his or her own, while at the same time creating a strong sense of place in the world with which they can identify. 8th graders investigate past epochs and current events through Geography which provides a context for significant world events. The students explore how the physical landscape influences and shapes every aspect of human life, including economics, politics, religion and culture.